Jose Solano

Costa Rican-born designer based in Tennesse. Currently working at Okta as a senior product designer.

Facility Management

This client came to us with more than 5 different platforms that were being used by their employees to perform complex tasks in their day to day work.
The goal of this new application was to bring in  all those complex workflows and tasks into one intuitive experience, that could be used even by their newest hires without having to go through extensive training.

Design, Art Direction, Research, Prototyping, Design System
Done with Depalma Studios

Chats + Livestreams

Initially launched as a side project by a business comunication company, this chatting app evolved into more than that.
Users were pushing the limit of the original application to livestream content so when it came time to redesign it, we gave the users what they wanted - an all in one chat and livestream experience.

Design, Art Direction, Research
Done with Depalma Studios


Ova helps users navigate through the IVF process.
As a first step to this project we were tasked to prototype an initial idea and experience to present to stakeholders in order to move forward with the full project.
The application focuses on daily tasks you have to complete in order to have a smooth process as well as information catered specifically to the user.

Design, Art Direction, Prototyping
Done with Depalma Studios